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I will keep you from all harm

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"Dan, you’re like the closest person I’ve ever met to the guy in America Psycho. And I think you might think that that’s a compliment, but that’s just because a part of your brain is missing.” 

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Double Shock (2x08)

Columbo goes on a cooking show

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nosey-nate: I'm so sorry you're up to Famagusta! (Also, I'm entertained, because your updates make me laugh). Race of Scorpions, and Famagusta in paritcular, is where I realised I was totally screwed, I loved Nicholas, and DD was a horrible person who'd dunnett again and had me completely hooked.


I can’t believe she had me sucked in for three whole books! After all of Lymond, after all the lessons I learned about how no-one can ever, ever be happy and how terrifyingly good Dorothy can be at making her characters UNhappy, and then [redacted] being in Famagusta just freaking BLINDSIDED me. I feel like I’ve grown soft. I’ve forgotten my training. I’ve let my team down, I’ve let myself down, I’ve let the whole school down. This is like [spoilers, redacted] all over again, except if only for reasons of pure, jaded shell shock and cynicism- HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS COMING AFTER THAT GODDAMN WATERFALL SCENE. HOW DID THAT NOT START THE ALARM BELLS. DAMMIT, DOROTHY. YOU’VE DUNNETT AGAIN.

How does she do it? We are not amateurs. This should not hurt us. We made it through 6 LYMOND BOOKS. WE SHOULD KNOW THAT AS THE SERIES PROGRESSES THE LEVEL OF PAIN INCREASES. We should know that moments of happiness are ONLY FOLLOWED BY MOMENTS OF ANGUISH. We should be prepared.


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"are you getting worked up, danny?"
"shut the fuck up, gary." 

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Oh when the Saints go marching in

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1/7 Lawrence of Arabia (David Lean, 1962)

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